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MIUI V13.0.1.0.RFXCNXM Recovery update for Mi 9 Pro 5G China

Официальное стабильное обновление для Recovery
Модель: Mi 9 Pro 5G China

Кодовое имя: crux

Версия: V13.0.1.0.RFXCNXM | 11.0

Размер: 2.9 ГБ

MD5: 69193b67c018ef8d3c645e57a24d285a

Список изменений:
[MIUI 13]
Where all things connect
New: Protective watermarks for images
New: Introducing comprehensive anti-fraud protection mechanisms
New: All-new Mi Sans system font with better readability
New: "Crystallization" live wallpapers
New: A new widget ecosystem with app support and personalization options
New: New features for performing tasks seamlessly on multiple connected devices
New: Mi AI can be fully customized now
Optimization: Improved overall stability
[Basic improvements]
Optimization: Responsiveness for all system and most popular third party apps
Optimization: Home screen is now much more fluid and responsive
[Mi Smart Hub]
New: Tablets can connect to the portable hotspot in one tap
New: Phones and tablets have a shared clipboard now. Copy items on one device - and paste on the other.
New: An option for taking a photo with the phone's camera is now available
New: Handoff is now seamless between Xiaomi phones and tablets where the same Mi Account is used
New: Apps can be seamlessly handed off between phones and tablets
New: Verification codes that are received on a phone can be now pasted on a tablet
New: Photos taken with a phone can be instantly viewed on a tablet
To be able to use handoff functionality with photos, update MIUI+ to 3.5.11 or later
Handoff functionality will be upgraded in the upcoming versions. Stay tuned for our further updates!
[Privacy protection]
New: Protective watermarks can be added as a pattern that is displayed over the whole image protecting it from unauthorized use
New: Introducing comprehensive anti-fraud protection mechanisms that include warnings, official labels, and transaction shields
New: Incognito mode restricts camera, microphone, and location permissions
New: Secure input protects all the text you enter
To be able to use all MIUI 13 privacy protection features, update Gallery, Security, Contacts, and Messaging to their latest versions
[System font]
New: All-new Mi Sans system font with better readability
New: "Crystallization" live wallpapers
New: A new widget ecosystem offers lots of items that can make your Home screen more informative
New: New gorgeous widgets for system and third party apps
New: Lots of customizable widgets, including different clocks, signatures, and stickers
[More features and improvements]
New: Apps can be opened as floating windows directly from the sidebar
New: Ambient sound recognition in Mi Ditto
Optimization: Voice controls are better recognized in Accessibility mode now
Optimization: Enhanced accessibility support for Phone, Clock, Weather, and Themes
Optimization: Privacy protection, secure web browsing, and better feed
Optimization: Mind map nodes are more convenient and intuitive now
Optimization: Wallet looks much better now

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